photo, Gary Elsner

With 20+ years of commercial photography consulting and expert witness services, Gary Elsner provides actionable expertise and reliable litigation support.

Litigation Support: "My extensive testimony experience includes valuations of lost and potential future earnings, copyright, industry standards and practices, licensing procedures and fees."

Image Valuation: "By working on licensing, reviewing customer sales reports including usage specifics and prices customers actually pay, I can establish credible licensing valuations based on current market conditions. Years of experience informs my prior- and future-based revenue projections and collection valuations."

Industry Consulting: "Whether it’s expanding marketing & sales, upgrading operational tactics, resolving disputes or pricing & contract development, I will help you take your commercial photography business to the next level."

M:  6111 Wedge Ct., Naples FL 34113

T:  +1.201.790.3228


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